Catalysis LLC | Equity-Centered Coaching
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Equity-Centered Coaching

Work with Chris


Equity-Centered Coaching for Individuals and Teams


Whether you’re looking to build leadership skills for yourself or develop strengths as a team, Chris will help you lead with your values. Her coaching combines years of expertise in non-profit, government, and corporate workplaces with outside-the-box ideas about what being a leader truly means. 

We start with trust


We will “move at the speed of trust” (adrienne maree brown) to build a consent-driven foundation that allows us to try different approaches and explore multiple possibilities.


You don’t have to go anywhere


You are already committed to your mission, but you feel there is something holding you or your team back. Our sessions provide an opportunity to look within to uncover the strengths that are present, the values you share, and develop strong leadership practices to address the opportunities and dilemmas we face everyday.


Together we will create a space of clarity and belonging


We’ll explore the big and small steps toward liberatory leadership in a space that honors your voice, allows you to examine critical questions, and empowers you to bring both your vulnerability and your passion. This practice will set you and your team on a clearer path to achieving your mission.

Coaching Foundations

Equity-Centered Approach

Being equity-centered means recognizing and addressing historical and persistent inequities. Everyone brings multiple identities that impact their experience of and access to power, privilege, and opportunity. As an equity-centered coach, I practice examining my own policies, approaches, and positionality when working with my clients and the barriers that may face them and their communities. 


Trauma-Informed Practice 

Being trauma-informed in my coaching allows me to create safer spaces and maintain health client-coach relationships. Our sessions will meaningfully engage with consent, physical and psychological safety, transparency, choice, and meaningful sharing of power. Please note that coaching is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy.