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Our Team

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Chris Wallace Caldwell, MA


Chris has an extensive background in nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, group facilitation, program development, equity work, and corporate social responsibility. She brings a particular skill in grasping the common elements of group work and the ability to synthesize a unified vision and focused path forward. Chris is focused on her own equity journey with study in equitable facilitation, intersectionality, and anti-racism work. With this perspective, she provides support to organizational leaders, management teams, and nonprofit boards.


Since founding Catalysis in 2011, Chris has worked throughout Oregon, the U.S.,  and internationally. Her broad experience allows her to understand a breadth of organizational visions and styles. Bringing calm, compassionate, and radical honesty to her work, she in helps individuals and teams meet their most urgent challenges.


Chris is a past commissioner on the Portland Human Rights Commission and currently serves as a volunteer facilitator for Portland’s chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice.

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Lauren Moreno


Lauren supports Catalysis clients with a broad range of services including program implementation, strategic planning, partnership development, and the design and facilitation of meaningful group gatherings and processes. She enjoys guiding teams to envision and implement strategic projects and initiatives that better organizations and communities.


Lauren has worked in non-profit leadership, fundraising, program development, and project management positions and brings topical expertise in science communication, STEM education, and professional learning. Adeptly navigating and synthesizing diverse perspectives, stakeholder feedback, and research, Lauren often reveals critical insight and forms recommendations to help clients solve complex problems.

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Tecie Astorga

Executive Project Manager

Tecie has been providing a high level of project coordination and client services with Catalysis since 2011.  She is attentive to client needs and uses her organizational and interpersonal skills to ensure successful planning and program implementation.


Tecie has had the privilege to work with organizations across the globe to provide program support with expertise in report development, material design and acquisition, data tracking and research, as well as event planning and coordinating.  Tecie brings a strong ability to aggregate stakeholder input – ensuring voices are heard in accessible survey design, and in interviews or focus groups. Tecie has a B.A. from Portland State University in Business Management and Human Resources.


Shirell Hennessy

Marketing Consultant/Storyteller

A native Oregonian, Shirell has a depth of experience and an extensive background in, marketing communications, advertising and business development, having worked in senior roles in technology, broadcasting, non-profit, and higher education sectors. She is known in the marketplace for her expertise in defining an audience and driving marketing and business development strategies that deliver results.


With 15+ years experience in marketing, advertising and business development, she delivers results through innovative targeted marketing campaigns and lead with exceptional communication skills. Known for keeping stakeholders engaged at all levels while moving projects forward on time and on budget. Shirell is fluent in both traditional and digital marketing methodologies and strategies. Experienced in building thought leadership platforms to promote an organization’s initiatives. Track record includes success in marketing campaigns for new product launches.

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Jamila Dozier, MA

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Jamila has extensive experience in equity work, strategic planning, conflict resolution, student development, and education. She has worked with learners from pre-school to adult and has facilitated a variety of trainings on topics including racial equity, interrupting microaggressions, implicit bias,  and sexual assault prevention, response, and advocacy.


In the Portland community, Jamila serves on the City of Portland’s Human Rights Commission and, most recently, Metro’s Committee on Racial Equity (CORE). In all the work she does as an educator, Human Rights Commissioner, and CORE member, she utilizes targeted universalism, centering populations who are most marginalized and vulnerable when making decisions and providing support to individuals.


Adam Segal

Facilitator and Men’s Accountability Consultant

Adam Segal is the founder and facilitator of New Masculinities Group, a Portland, OR-based project of 4 years dedicated to engaging men and folks of all genders in critical conversations about gender, sexuality, and masculinity through an intersectional feminist lens. He is also active in the Portland chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), facilitating small groups of white people learning to work against white supremacy and challenge systemic racism. In his daily life, Adam is a food distributor, chef, avid reader, and casual cyclist.

Catalysis LLC also partners with a variety of independent professionals to  provide equity expertise, develop curriculum, and conduct evaluation.

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