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We are coaches, facilitators, and planners serving mission-driven leaders and social impact organizations.

We create the space for you to hold the conversations you need to have, build more equitable and collaborative teams, and lead with joy and purpose.

Whether this is through leadership coaching, strategic planning, or community engagement, we move you closer to the world you want to create.

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WHy Work With Us

We use our values to help us guide the change you need.

We create spaces for you to do your best, hardest, world-changing work.

  • Together we will question and disrupt systems and practices that do not work for you, your team, or your community.
  • We pay attention to your needs, your concerns, and the needs of the collective.
  • We value small and large changes in ourselves and our teams.
  • We are flexible in our approach, knowing that the right work takes time.

We build equity and belonging into all of our work.

  • We focus on the world you want to create.
  • We are not neutral with respect to equity and justice.
  • We believe inclusive approaches are paramount to your team's success.
  • We listen and learn from you as we guide you toward your future and potential.

Organizational Change and Strategic Planning

Meet your mission by building trust and collaboration on your team, and developing a meaningful strategic plan.

Leadership Transformation

Uncover what is truly possible for you as a leader or leadership team through equity-centered coaching and guidance.

Community Conversations

Create brave, vibrant, and inclusive spaces for important conversations to increase your impact and the power of your community.

Community Impact

Increase the relevance and impact of your work through community input and volunteer engagement that centers the community you serve.


Positive Client Experiences

The team at Catalysis are, without a doubt, committed to high potential outcomes and transformational change.

Holding space for dialogue with both focus and receptivity, Chris and her team support and inform what needs to happen next in any situation with grace, humor, and integrity.

Dawn Uchiyama 

Director, City of Portland Environmental Services

Catalysis has a unique ability to understand the complexities of a large water utility and its organizational dynamics.

Chris and her team can relate to the wide variety of educational backgrounds, training and personalities inherent in an organization with science, engineering, technical and field personnel—engendering confidence across the board among our staff.

Mike Stuhr

Director, Portland Water Bureau

Catalysis quickly earned the trust and support from our organization by immersing themselves in our culture, simplifying complex issues, and creating an environment of critical thought, education, and growth.

Engaging with Catalysis has proved to be a critical decision-point in our organizational timeline, for their quality of work, professionalism during the process, and also for the immediate impact their work continues to have on the organization.

Dylan Packebush

Board Chair, Adaptive Sports Northwest


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Fractals and the Power of Starting Small

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