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Strategic Planning and Organizational Change

Put your organization on the right path.

Our strategic planning process is highly engaging, involving voices from within your organization and from your community. We encourage a process that brings in different perspectives to help you in developing the future plan for your organization.

To build an equitable and highly personalized process, we get to know your approach, collaboration practices, and organizational structure. We look both to your past successes and challenges, and forward to your future aspirations.

We also help organizations navigate periods of change and growth. Sometimes moving forward means giving space to understanding the past. We bring a human-centered approach to navigating conflict ands stress, working closely with the leaders to support your organization in navigating necessary changes.


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Leadership Coaching 

Develop your unique style of leadership.

You are committed to your work and passionate about your impact. We believe that investing in Leadership Coaching is a great way to increase your impact and self-worth. Our certified coaches work with you to lead effectively, meet your personal goals, and achieve your mission with joy and purpose.

We offer both individual coaching and a co-coaching model. Depending on your goals for leadership coaching, you may be working with a single leadership coach, or a pair of co-coaches working together to give you a deeper experience in working with teams and communities.

 In the co-coaching model, we pair two coaches with different identities and experiences, promoting a more inclusive process and a richer experience for those clients wanting to deepen their leadership of complex and diverse teams.

Leadership Team Coaching

Grow from a collection of individuals to a powerful leadership team.

Our GRACE™️ Leadership Team Coaching program is one of the most powerful services we offer for positioning your organization for the greatest success. We think this is a game-changing investment.

An essential part of our approach is the pairing of two leadership coaches who bring different identities and experiences, promoting a more inclusive process and a richer experience for participants.

We start with building trust and move from there. (But no trust falls, we promise!) Over 3 - 4 months, we develop your ability to work and make decisions together more effectively, with more meaningful impact.


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Community Conversations

Create brave, vibrant, and inclusive spaces for important conversations.

Gathering folks together to have real conversations about complex challenges is one of our most important activities as humans. Without careful design of our time and thoughtful facilitation we can struggle to create meaning together.

We guide you in creating a model for facilitating the important conversations you need to have—no matter the size of your group. We support conversations such as conferences and symposia, to community town halls and organizational retreats. We think carefully about the best way to capture, make meaning from, and report back what people shared at the gathering.

We provide excellent retreat and conversation facilitation with a strong sense of belonging as we work together on complex challenges and new opportunities.

Community Impact

Make a bigger, more authentic impact in your community.

We know that creating opportunities to work in meaningful ways with your community is important to you. We are there to provide thoughtful support every step of the way - from participatory design to detailed, quality engagement, to helping you define and execute your program strategy.

We design and implement community engagement processes that are built on a foundation of trust, respect, and authentic engagement. We use a variety of forums that are catered to your audience, including surveys, interviews, and listening sessions. We know the questions you ask are just as important as the answers, and we help you connect the conversations back to the work that you do.

We have years of experience creating robust community volunteering programs, many at a global scale. Our training and program design is based on a transformational rather than a transactional approach to volunteering. We have planned and implemented global STEM and health education volunteering programs that center the communities served and offer relational and long-term approaches to volunteer engagement. 


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Together we can explore the skills and culture you want to grow and create to support the meaningful conversations you want to have in your organization.

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