About Catalysis

We are a boutique consulting collective supporting mission-driven leaders and organizations.

Why “Catalysis”

“Catalysis” is the process of accelerating a change or transformation by the presence of a catalyst. 

We chose this name because our work is to create the space, encouragement, and tools you need to spark that transformation. Our approach is collaborative, not prescriptive.

Through our work with a wide variety of organizations and leaders over the years, we have learned that the greatest value we bring is creating brave, authentic spaces for you to do your best work.

Transformational Change

Many leaders and leadership teams focus on strategic planning as the critical step to helping an organization meet its mission.

We start with leaning into your values and building your ability to talk about what is most important.

We'll work together to develop a unified vision of the future you want to create and design an approach for how you'll get there.

Exceptional Coaching & Facilitation

We fall in love with our clients! We really care about the outcomes and people involved.

We create brave, vibrant, and inclusive spaces for important conversations.

We serve as guides to help clear away the boundaries we’ve put around ourselves as leaders, as teams, and as humans. 

Memberships & Associations

adrienne maree brown

"Facilitation is a commitment to the power of the collective.

We hold space for humans to find each other, clearing the debris between them, so they can access the forward motion of life, the flowing river of change, the rich ecosystem of differences."

Learn More About Our Team

We have extensive experience in non-profit leadership, strategic planning, coaching, facilitation, program development, and corporate social responsibility.


Global Service Providers

We are based in Portland, Oregon, but we work with folks all over the world. Our clients range from large public agencies to small nonprofits, from research institutions to infrastructure bureaus, from corporate foundations to community-based organizations.


Find out how we can help.

Together we can explore the skills and culture you want to grow and create to support the meaningful conversations you want to have in your organization.