You are committed to your mission...

...but sometimes you struggle.

In spite of of your fierce commitment, it is hard to make headway. Checklists displace your actual work, your meetings aren't inspiring, and you're not sure how best to get your team working together. Most heartbreakingly, you don’t feel you’re making progress on your mission.

We see leaders and teams struggling - and it is not always a lack of the right tool or skill. The culture and structures we are working within often create barriers to our success.
We see the PAIN you are feeling as a symptom of a larger PROBLEM. Our PATH is always designed to guide you to a long-term, sustainable solution.

Become the Leader You Want to Be

There are moments when you doubt yourself.

You’ve accomplished a great deal, but you question if you are the right person for the job.

Vulnerability - as a leadership tool - does not feel safe.

We prioritize ‘doing’ over ‘becoming.’

Organizations, especially non-profits, teach us to feeI that if we are not “doing” something, we are not leading.

We then undervalue time spent thinking, planning, and growing as a leader.

Invest in yourself as a leader.

Our experienced, compassionate, and certified coaches guide you with Leadership Coaching to give you space to become the leader you want to be..

Guide with the Power of the Collective

Your leadership team struggles to lead.

Each person brings strengths, but you fail to function as a team.

Being nice doesn’t translate into the ability to make decisions together. 

Leadership teams end up together by virtue of their positions.

Unfortunately, teams are often assembled with little support or guidance.

Teams lack the common language or trusting space to hold challenging conversations.

Build the support your team needs to lead.

Leadership Team Coaching using our GRACE™️ model takes your team from a group of individuals to a collective that can truly lead.

The Conversations You Need to Have

We avoid things that are hard to talk about.

We sometimes talk around what is truly important.

As a result we miss opportunities for growth, connection, and communal problem-solving. 

We are taught to avoid uncomfortable topics like power and privilege.

We don’t have shared boundaries or common language.

We are too close to our group and our challenges to see our path clearly.

Create your vision together.

We serve as facilitators to develop cohesive Organizational Plans. Whether a retreat, or yearlong process, we build trust for you to build your vision together.

You (Chris) are a genius!

On behalf of our faculty, let me thank you whole-heartedly for your exceptional guidance. We are in a productive, forward thinking mode, thanks to you.

Dr. Mary Stenzel-Poore
Senior Associate Dean for Research Chair, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology Oregon Health & Sciences University

We transform organizations through exceptional coaching, inclusive facilitation, and authentic community engagement.

  • We bring compassion, and a focus on building trust and belonging, to our work.
  • We are committed to deep transformation that goes beyond traditional strategic planning and executive coaching.
  • We want to participate in creating a more just and inclusive world where each of us belong and can live into our potential.


Find out how we can help.

Together we can explore the skills and culture you want to grow and create to support the meaningful conversations you want to have in your organization.

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