Our Values

Our values serve as guides in how we collaborate and engage with our clients and the community.

Olena Sergienko via Unsplashed

Create Space, Give Space

  • Create spaces for people to do their best, hard, and world-changing work.
  • Center group and collaborators, and not ourselves as facilitators.
  • Allow stillness when that is needed and be willing to sit with discomfort.

Justice & Belonging

  • Question and disrupt systems of oppression in language, policies, and practices.
  • Create settings where everyone can bring their full self.
  • Seek perspectives not present.
  • Commit to the power of the collective.

Feeling as Power

  • We pay attention to the needs of the moment.
  • We are flexible in our approach, knowing that the right work takes time.
  • Offer kindness and honesty with each other and ourselves.
  • Move at the speed of trust.

Small is All

  • Value incremental changes and celebrate small successes.
  • Approach our work with the humbleness of being part of larger efforts.
  • Reduce what we take from others, our community, and our environment.

Always Growing

  • Allow time, space, and energy for growth.
  • Acknowledge our mistakes and be willing to unlearn and learn.
  • There is adventure, celebration, and freedom in being open to the new.

Our values help us center those most impacted by the work we do, respond to needs, and help us to grow as individuals, as consultants, and as a team.

5 Steps to Uncovering Your Leadership Values

Leading with our values is a key aspect of our own work and has helped us facilitate transformation for teams and organizations.

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